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Mindful Pauses for Our Wellbeing 

These half hour videos have been developed for health and social care staff during the COVID-19 pandemic. They have been funded by NHS Endowments as part of the Well@Work Going Beyond Gold project in NHS Fife which focuses on staff wellbeing as a priority. It has been a difficult year, especially for frontline workers, like yourself. We know you are working so hard and may be feeling tired and needing some time to pause, rest, reflect and renew yourself. We hope this series of videos will help you to do that. They can be used in full, as a mini course to help introduce you to a range of mindfulness practices. But they are also designed to stand alone, so if one title particularly appeals to you, just try that one! You can use them as often as you like, whenever it suits you best – at home or at work – to take that well earned break and to boost your wellbeing. We really hope you will enjoy using these videos and that you will feel the benefit of the practices. They are facilitated by Dr Bill Paterson, a highly experienced Mindfulness Teacher who has been leading mindfulness courses and workshops in NHS Fife and elsewhere for several years. Please give any feedback to

Mindful Pauses for Our Wellbeing 1:
Lying Down for Tension Release and Renewal 

Mindful Pauses for Our Wellbeing 2
Standing to Stretch Out the Stress of the Day

Mindful Pauses for Our Wellbeing 3
Sitting with Breath, Sound and Spaciousness

Mindful Pauses for Our Wellbeing 4
Reconnecting with Kindness and Yourself 

Interactive Wellbeing Programmes:

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SilverCloud Wellbeing Programme

Reducing stress and improving sleep and resilience

SilverCloud is an online structured wellbeing programme that aims to reduce stress and low mood associated with COVID-19 and to improve sleep and build resilience. It provides private, secure and flexible access to evidence-based online programs based on cognitive behavioural therapy, mindfulness, and positive psychology.

Supporting recovery from Covid-19

For useful and accessible information and guidance on COVID19 critical care and recovery follow the link below.

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