Glow: An anxiety management resource for primary school age children (8 years-11 years)

What is it?

Glow is an online anxiety management resource accessed through a mobile phone app.

Glow consists of seven online modules (three for parents, and four for children).  Each module contains videos which have been designed to help parents and children understand and respond to childhood anxiety.  To facilitate learning, Glow will also provide you and your child with workbooks and home tasks.

Parents are invited to attend and interactive parent session once they have completed the three parent modules.  The interactive session is an opportunity for parents to ask clinicians questions on anxiety management strategies.  We recommend you work through the parent modules over six weeks, and then attend one of our live interactive sessions before starting the child modules.

You can sign up to Glow by clicking the ” Book Glow and Introductory Session” button below.  
Following this you will be sent instructions on how to use the app and workbooks.   It’s important that you provide your child with support in completing the child modules and home tasks.  Further details of this will be emailed to you after you have signed up using the link below.”

What does each module involve?

  • NHS professionals have created a number of videos to teach you tried and tested (evidence-based) methods of dealing with anxiety.

  • You will be given access to the complete Glow course via our child psychology app.

  • You and your child will receive a FREE workbook prior to accessing the resource.

  • Your child will be awarded a FREE comic book that details the module they have just completed.

  • You can have a friend or family member with you, particularly if they help you care for your child

  • You will not be asked to share your personal experiences

How will this help me?

  • This course will increase your confidence in responding to childhood anxiety

  • It will provide you with evidence-based information around what maintains childhood anxiety, and ways you can help your child overcome worry.

  • The course will show you how to use positive parenting techniques in day-to-day life that increases your child’s confidence and self-esteem.

Course Content

Parent/Carer Modules

The first modules are for parents and/or primary care givers.  These modules are designed to build parents’ knowledge and confidence in applying evidenced based strategies to reduce childhood anxiety, and increase positive emotion regulation skills.

Child Modules

The child modules are designed to be fun and involve school child characters who turn into ‘Team Glow’ superheroes when they get worried. It is important that you support your child in the use of the content.

Do you want to book onto the Glow course?

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