Step on Stress

What is it?

Step on Stress is a three week online course which provides you with strategies for reducing stress, anxiety and panic and boosting self-esteem.

Step on Stress teaches techniques from cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) – a psychological therapy that focuses on the relationships between thoughts (cognitions), behaviours and feelings.  CBT is proven to be effective for managing stress, reducing anxiety and improving self-esteem.

This course involves a blend of three online group sessions teaching the core concepts of stress reduction and workbooks for each session which develop and build on the main ideas.  The group sessions are lecture-style live presentations delivered by NHS Fife psychology assistants.  This is not group therapy so you will not be asked to share your experiences or to speak in front of others, just sit back, listen and take it all in.

This course is currently being run online.

What does each session involve?

  • NHS professionals teach you tried and tested (evidence-based) methods of dealing with stress

  • You will be sent free (and useful) course workbooks corresponding to each session by post.

  • You can have a friend or family member sit with you during the online classes if this feels supportive (and is in line with the current COVID-19 regulations).

  • This is not group therapy, it is a class, so you will not be asked to talk or share any personal experiences.

How will this help me?

  • Help you understand your stress better: How it affects you and what keeps it going

  • Teach you ways to manage and control your stress instead of letting your stress control you.

  • Show you how to use this learning in your day-to-day life

  • Build your confidence and self-esteem through better management of your stress, thoughts and feelings.

Course Content

For best results, try to join every session so you don’t miss any important information. Each session is roughly an hour and a half with a short break in the middle.

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