Parent Awareness of Learning Disabilities Support Group

What is it?

PALS is a group for parents of children /Young People with a diagnosis of a Learning Disability. It consists of 6 weekly sessions, each 2 hours in length. The group is run by the Children and Young People’s Learning Disability Team. The group is for parents/carers who would like a greater understanding of what it means for their child to have a Learning Disability.

The group enables opportunities to discuss different stages of development and provides an opportunity to connect with other parents/carers who also have a child with a learning disability.

The group covers things that may help to improve your child’s everyday life covering topics such as communication, sensory needs, health and behaviour. Support strategies are discussed throughout to help your child.

What does each session involve?

  • Each session will be 2 hours in length with a 10 minute break.

  • Each session provides a mix of the NHS Professionals sharing ideas to support families and an opportunity for individuals to talk and share personal experiences.

  • Courses are currently being run online.

  • The slides presented will be sent out by email after each session.

How will this help me?

  • Support to increase your understanding of your child’s Learning Disability

  • Social supports – peer learning opportunities, reassurance and empathy

  • Gives you the opportunity to share experiences and problem solve with other parents

  • You can attend with another parent or carer (grandparent/friend) to consider your child’s needs together

Course Content

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