One to One Therapy

Step on Stress, Back on TRAC, Improving Wellbeing Workshop, our Assertive class and our online therapy programme Beating the Blues have all been carefully designed to help. They give you the right information and support in learning various skills and techniques.  In addition, our 10 week Change Up course provides psychological therapy that can help with a range of problems.

People sometimes report doing all the right things but continuing to feel stressed, depressed or anxious. If you have tried the above options or are unsure which therapy is right for you, speak to your GP.  After talking to you, your GP may recommend that they make a referral for you to see a clinician from the Fife Adult Mental Health Psychology Service or they may refer you to one of the Community Mental Health Teams in Fife.

Seeing a clinician from the Adult Mental Health Psychology Service

If your GP refers you to the Adult Mental Health Psychology Service, we shall send you a letter so you know that we have received the referral.

We shall send you an appointment for an individual assessment as soon as we can.  There may be a wait of several weeks before we are able to see you for this appointment.

During the assessment appointment the psychological therapist will help you make an informed choice on the right therapy for you.  This may involve continuing to work with them or being referred to another part of the Psychology service or being referred elsewhere.

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