Change UP

What is it?

The Change Up group is a 10 week therapy group which is aimed at helping people overcome a range of emotional problems. This includes problems with obsessions and compulsions, panic and social anxiety. It is based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy techniques and is run by NHS psychologists.

What does each session involve?

Change up group setting

The group is designed to help you deal with intense or uncomfortable emotional experiences that may be getting in the way of your life.  We will invite you to talk in the group but nobody will be put on the spot. The group provides learning through course material and practical tasks.  These are tasks done in the group and to be done at home.  We do invite people to talk about common shared difficulties. We do this as it helps with our understanding of your difficulties and helps people to see how common their difficulties are. We ask that you only share what you are comfortable with other people knowing.

You will receive a free folder of resources and worksheets.  These will be used throughout the course and you can continue to use them at home afterwards.

The group is a closed group. This means that only people who are invited to the group can attend and new people will not join after the second week.  Participants need to be able to commit to attending all of the 10 sessions in order to gain maximum benefit.

This group may not be suitable for some people so you cannot self refer.  However, you can book an assessment appointment (below) with a clinician and together you can decide if the group seems right for you.

How will this help me?

  • Help you to understand emotional experiences better

  • Help you to work out what you may be doing that improves things or makes them worse

  • Helps you to learn what you can do to start feeling better

Course Content

For best results, try to come to every session so you don’t miss any important information.  Each session is split into two parts, separated by a short break.

The Change UP group is based on materials from the Unified Protocol for Transdiagnostic Treatment of Emotional Disorders with permission from the author David Barlow and colleagues.

When and Where?

All courses are delivered regularly throughout the year at a range of venues across Fife.

Dunfermline: Carnegie Conference Centre, Halbeath Road, Dunfermline, KY11 8DY

Kirkcaldy: Templehall Community Centre, Beauly Lane, Kirkcaldy, KY2 6EX

Lochgelly: Lochgelly Centre, Bank Street, Lochgelly, KY5 9RD

Glenrothes: Lomond Centre, Woodside Way, Glenrothes, KY7 5RA

Cupar: County Buildings, Cupar, KY15 4TA

St. Andrews: St. Andrews University (Arts lecture Theatre and School 5, United College), KY16 9AX

Leven: Sailor’s Rest, High Street, Methil, Leven, KY8 3EF

Please see booking for dates and times.

Map of Locations

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