Focus on Wellbeing

A Webinar Programme For Health and Social Care Staff  March – May 2021

The aim of third Focus on Wellbeing Programme is to empower and encourage health and social care staff and unpaid carers to enhance personal resilience and self-care. The programme content is linked to the range of resources available on the National Wellbeing Hub

The Focus on Wellbeing Programme will be updated and circulated periodically with information on new topic sessions for your benefit, so please refer to the ‘Key Dates’ page on the National Wellbeing Hub

Please circulate this programme widely to staff and others in your organisation or network, and look out for the Updates which will be circulated to health and social care organisations and posted on the Key Dates page of the National Wellbeing Hub.   For enquiries please contact Scot Hall

Coming soon 

New sessions are currently being arranged for later in July and August on the following topics:

Insomnia, gaining control over anxiety...and more  

Look out for information on these sessions and additions to the programme on the National Wellbeing Hub.  

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